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has been established for the specific purpose of developing a sport that
- better than any other sport - epitomizes our aspirations towards a sustainable planet.


The SKYrace World Cup is our main project: a global championship with speed competitions for glider pilots, men and women, through some of the most stunning and wildest landscapes around the planet.

Gliders are entirely powered by:
gravity, solar energy and its effects on air movements.




Our goal is to provide large global corporations with opportunities to position their brands as sustainable and eco-friendly, by association with this sport and its intrinsic values.

PLANETAIRE AB is a Swedish company that creates communication platforms for brands to maximise awareness about their commitment to a sustainable planet. We want to turn sustainability into an aspirational goal for the Z generation. 

PLANETAIRE's currently owns assets in the form of film and photographic material, contracts, documentation, research, brands, websites, which will ultimately be licensed to SKYrace international, the operating company.


SKYrace World Cup

The SKYrace World Cup aims to become the Formula 1 of the skies, while promoting a sustainability as an aspirational value, as opposed to a survival necessity.


Navicam logo without blank.png
  • Virtual reality: SKYrace will employ a constellation of media technologies to provide a futuristic and remarkably immersive experience to its followers around the world. The unique features of the sport also makes it an ideal platform for eSports, now the entertainment phenomenon with the highest participant base globally. the e-sport market is expected to be worth $1.5 Bn by 2020 (Newzoo 2017).

  • Broadcasting show capitalising on four angles: sport excitement, global sustainability, technology innovation and environmental adventure

  • Tourism opportunities since SKYrace destination partners will benefit from media coverage on their natural assets to boost tourism

Will be filmed by on-board cameras Navicam 

We currently face two problems:

  • There is currently no live action sport that meets the technology needs or demand for interactivity of generation Z, also referred to as the I-gens (the Internet generation, children born after 1995). There is currently no authentically eco-friendly, sustainability focused, sport that offers frequent events for corporate sponsors to attach their brand to

The SRWC is the solution by creating a sport to capture the hearts and minds of the I-gens and a brand associated with aspiration, cutting-edge tech and environmental values.


SKYraces offers a solution for:

  • CSR: growing demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethical activities from the brands. Fortune Global 500 firms spend over $15 billion a year on corporate philanthropy and CSR. SKYrace will attract sponsors globally and locally.

Participating teams will organise as national franchises. Each franchise will prepare and promote one national  pilot to represent his or her country in the Skyrace World Cup.

20 sponsors

will promote the pilots/ teams / countries


Maximum speed of the gliders, making it the fastest sport on Earth

10 races

per year over the most spectacular landscapes of our planet

20 elite pilots

from 20 countries will compete and engage their respective fan-base

Instinctively Sustainable

PLANETAIRE's projects are all linked by a common thread: strict adherence to communication methods that draw from a deeper understanding of the way to achieve attitude change on a large scale. Mario Hytten, CEO of PLANETAIRE, is curretly documenting his findings in a white paper called Instinctively Sustainable.


It analyses the correlation between state-of-the-art marketing methods of major global brands with the most recent academic research in the domains of psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science and behavioural science.


From this, he extrapolates a five-pillars communication framework that would enable brands to advance a social agenda without compromising the brand-building techniques that have become de rigueur in a globalised market.


Although the method might have wider applications, the white paper specifically addresses what is probably the biggest communication challenge of our times: how to trigger the Y generation to spontaneously and sincerely aspire to sustainable lifestyles. In other words, how to be INSTINCTIVELY SUSTAINABLE.

The SKYrace philosophy is based on the Instinctively Sustainable theory. It explains how to turn sustainability into an aspirational goal for the Z generation.

Previous projects

Sailplane Gran Prix of the Andes

2010 concept demonstration for the future Skyrace project.

20 Millions

Total audience of the Sailplane Grand Prix video 


Number of countries in which the video was shown


The number of Sponsors that participated in this proof-of-concept

Past Events


I'm with nature.PNG

01/19 - 01/23

Planetaire accepted an invitation from UNEP to produce a video on the theme "I'm With Nature" to celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5th 2017.


01/19 - 01/23

Transcendent Media Capital acquire exclusive world-wide media production rights for Planetaire's SRWC

Mario Smash Finland.jpg

01/19 - 01/23

Swedish company CAPTIMAX Sports Media – with its unique robotic camera technology, Navicam™ won the AI category at this years SMASH sports & tech event in Finland.​

World environement day

Mario Hytten collects 1st prize at SMASH contest

Collaboration with Transcendent media

The team 


CEO of international media production company Transcendent Media Capital. Australian national.

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Peta Milan


Captimax Sports Media CEO - A sports marketing specialist - author of the white book Instinctively Sustainable - previously professional sportsman - Swedish national

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Mario Hytten


A sports marketing specialist - author of the white book Instinctively Sustainable - previously professional sportsman - Swedish national

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Dirk Reich


A post production and aerial filming specialist by trade with wide expertise in the TV and film production industry - managed Planetaire's content from the 2010 project in Chile - British national

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Ken Robinson


Student in Master Marketing at Grenoble IAE. Main tasks: Web strategy, Website design, SEO - Contact research

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Antoine Moncomble


English teacher - translator - writer of the Planetaire AB news - screenwriter - Instinctively Sustainable proofreader - British national

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Nick Parker


Development of software for exotic aircraft including Solar Impulse and the Antares SR glider - competitive glider pilot - inspirator of the Skyrace concept - Norwegian national

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Karl Osen

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